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Fairy dust & Tanuki brush bundle (Save 15%)

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Our Fairy dust™ and Tanuki™ brush bundle is here to change your tanning game. Fairy dust™ is our magical new tanning product that helps to dry your tan in seconds while giving you a streak-free shimmery glow! Simply dust your Fairy dust™ over a fresh tan with your Tanuki™ dusting brush for the ultimate tanning experience! Natural, vegan friendly, fragrance free & full of nourishing skin loving ingredients. 

  • 1 x Fairy dust self Tan drying powder
  • 1 x Tanuki™ dusting brush

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Fairy dust self tan drying powder: This magical post tan powder instantly dries your tan and leaves you with a non-sticky, streak free tan and a subtle shimmer. Fragrance free, vegan friendly, natural & full of ingredients to nourish and hydrate your skin. Ingredients: Zea Mays Starch, Tapioca starch, Aqua, Mica, Magnesium Stearate, Brown Iron oxide, Certified organic coffee Arabica Seed oil, Baobab oil, Green tea leaf Extract.

Tanuki™ dusting brush: Our Tanuki™ dusting brush is made from the most soft, high quality vegan friendly bristles, complimented by a pink wooden handle with silver accents. Use with your Fairy dust self tan drying powder or any other powdered product to help you acheive a flawless glow.

Using your Tanuki™ dusting brush gently dust onto skin after Self-tan has been applied. For an extra matte finish Fairy dust can be layered until desired effect is achieved.


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Q. Can I use Fairy dust with all types of tans?

A. Yes! Fairy can be used with all types of self tans.

Q. Can I use Fairy dust even when not tanning?

A. Yes! Fairy dust is so versatile it can be used for setting body make up, on its own to add an extra glow to your skin or even to reduce friction or to absorb any other moistures (such as boob sweat- Blah!).

Q. Will this product negatively effect the development of my tan?

A. No not at all! Fairy dust will gently sit on top of your tan creating a protective barrier while you marinate and will actually help your tan to develop more flawlessly and prevent streaks and smudging!

Q. Is Fairy dust ok to use on sensitive skin?

A. Fairy dust is a natural product free of harsh chemicals and fragrance and was specifically developed with sensitive skin in mind (because we ourselves have sensitive skin). That being said we encourage you to look for any known allergens, patch test before using and talk to your doctor if you have any existing medical conditions.

Q. How do I wash the Tanuki™ brush?

A. Gently wash brush with warm soapy water, squeeze out residue, smooth down and dry flat.

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