The Tanzee.

We created the Tanzee because we know how much of a struggle tanning can be. Looking tanned and beautiful shouldn't be an uncomfortable process, it should be blissful! 
That's why we created it. 
The first self-tan bed sheet protector, made by a tan lover just like you.
It was important to us that there was a solution to fake tanning that didn’t involve sleeping on towels or pulling an all-nighter until the tan had set in.

It was a complete eureka moment when this idea came to us! The Tanzee is a completely original and patented product.

It's more than just amazing products...

It's about what our brand represents.

We’re a company dedicated to pushing boundaries and delivering solutions for everyday problems. 
We want to find problems unaddressed by the market and take action to fix them. 

We're all about you and that's the important thing.

Tanzee, the original fake tan bed sheet protector is a patent registered product.