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    Terms and Conditions of Trade –Tanzee

    Tanzee Australia means Tanzee Traders Pty Ltd (ABN


    Customer means the party purchasing the products of Tanzee Australia

    Our Prices and Fees

    1. All charges & prices for products carried out by Tanzee Australia are exclusive of GST. All prices are subject to GST at the prevalent rate.
    2. All prices quoted are Australian Dollars. However, can be converted into a variety of different currencies. Tanzee Australia relies on a third party provider for current exchange rates and cannot guarantee their accuracy.
    3. Some outgoings, such as postage, may incur GST and, should this occur, Tanzee Australia will pass on the total cost to the Customer, subject to these Terms of Trade.
    4. All prices quoted, are for the listed and mentioned products only. Deliveries and couriers incur additional fees. Please see the Postage and Delivery section of these terms and conditions for further details.
    5. Whilst Tanzee Australia will make every attempt to make all products advertised available to Customers, this cannot be guaranteed. We will notify the Customer as soon as practicable if a product they have purchased is not available.
    6. In the event of a technical error, Tanzee Australia reserves the right to cancel an order. Tanzee Australia will notify the customer as soon as practicable and provide the Customer with a refund.
    7. Any promotions are subject to stock availability, whilst stocks last.

    Payment of our Invoices

    1. Tanzee Australia requires payment, in full and clear funds, upfront, before any products held in stock are shipped.

    Our Products

    1. The Customer agrees that the products, when used as intended, have a minimum life expectancy of approximately three (3) to six (6) months.
    2. Tanzee Australia products are delicate for your comfort, however, for this reason, they are vulnerable to tearing if used incorrectly. Tanzee Australia recommends purchasing the largest size to allow for greater movement, and when in use, use only when going to sleep, where movement is minimised.
    3. The Customer agrees to use the products in the manner stipulated in the ‘FAQ’ section on the website www.tanzee.com.au.
    4. In relation to faults, damage, cancelations and refunds, please see our Returns Policy herein.
    5. Save for the Consumer Guarantee afforded by Australian Consumer Laws, Tanzee Australia makes no guarantees, conditions or warranties as to the content of its website, the nature and use of its products and will not be held liable for any loss or damage incurred, whatsoever, in connect with the use of this website and the products sold by Tanzee Australia.
    6. Tanzee Australia is a retailer of beauty products, accessories and haberdashery and in no way holds itself out as being qualified to provide a medical opinion or advice. Tanzee Australia recommends seeking professional medical advice if the Customer is concerned about the use of its products in connection with others or in relation to the Customers particular circumstances.

    Returns Policy

    1. Please contact Tanzee Australia via email to info@tanzee.com.au prior to taking any steps to arrange a refund, return or exchange.
    2. Tanzee Australia has a ‘no refund’ Obviously, this is subject to Australian Consumer Law, which will prevail in the case of any discrepancy.  If there are any issues with the products you have ordered, please contact Tanzee Australia via email to info@tanzee.com.au. We will make an effort to respond to you within 24-72 hours so please be sure to allow for this time period.
    3. We would like to opportunity to work with you in relation to your issues, whatever they may be.
    4. If the product is faulty, we will either refund you or, provide you with an identical replacement should that product be available. Prior to providing a refund or exchange, under Australian Consumer Law, Tanzee Australia is entitled to take into account how much time has passed since the Customer purchased the product, considering the following factors:
      1. The type of product;
      2. How the Customer is likely to have used the product;
      3. The length of time for which it is reasonable for the product to be used; and
      4. The amount of use the product could reasonably be expected to tolerate before the failure becomes noticeable.
    5. Because Tanzee Australia wants the Customer to enjoy their dealings with it, Tanzee Australia will exchange a product in the event the Customer has ordered the product in error (in size or colour). In these cases, the Customer must contact Tanzee Australia requesting the exchange of the product within seven (7) days with proof of purchase, unopened, unused and otherwise undamaged, with all original tags/labels attached, and the item is not a sale or otherwise discounted item.  This clause is subject to Australian Consumer Law, which will prevail in the case on any discrepancy. Tanzee Australia does not offer a refund or exchange if the Customer simply changes their mind.
    6. If the product is to be exchanged for a more expensive product, the difference may be charged by Tanzee Australia.
    7. If the product is to be refunded, either because of a fault or error, please contact Tanzee Australia at info@tanzee.com.au for guidance.
    8. The Customer shall be liable for the shipping costs associated with returning the product. Tanzee Australia will only refund a Customer for these costs if the product is faulty.

    Postage and Delivery

    1. The Tanzee Australia Shipping Information is available at www.tanzee.com.au. The information provided here may change without notice.
    2. Tanzee Australia delivers products Australia wide and internationally. Deliveries are charged at the market rate. International Customers are liable for payment of any taxes or customs when the products arrive in their country.
    3. Unless expressly stated, or arranged separately between Tanzee Australia and the Customer, Tanzee Australia will use its discretion in utilising a variety of delivery methods to transport product to Customers once sold.
    4. Whilst every effort is made to ensure delivery occurs within the prearranged time schedule, some delay may occur beyond the control of Tanzee Australia. For this reason, Tanzee Australia does not guarantee delivery dates and a late delivery does not constitute a breach of this agreement.
    5. Subject to Australian Consumer Law, Tanzee Australia is not obliged to offer a refund or discount in the event that courier or postage service provider loses or otherwise damages the product. If the Customer would like to insure against damage incurred during the delivery process, that is a matter for the Customer and such costs will not be borne by Tanzee Australia. This also applies to parcels where the customer has entered their postage details in correctly.


    1. Tanzee Australia takes the Customers privacy seriously. Tanzee Australia will protect the Customer’s personal information as required by Australian Privacy Laws Privacy Laws regarding the use of personal information.  Tanzee Australia will not use the Customer’s personal information except for the purpose of engaging in and entering into and completing a transaction, or providing marketing material (subject to subscription). The Customer must ensure that before disclosing any personal information to Tanzee Australia that the Customer is entitled to disclose that information and without taking any further steps as required by the Australian Privacy Laws Tanzee Australia may use and disclose such information for the purpose of entering into any transaction under these Terms of Trade. If the Customer becomes aware of any breach or alleged breach of the Privacy Laws concerning information disclosed by Tanzee Australia to the Customer or any other party, or by the Customer to Tanzee Australia, then the Customer must notify Tanzee Australia immediately via the email to info@tanzee.com.au. Likewise, Tanzee Australia will notify the Customer, and if necessary, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner if Tanzee Australia becomes aware of any breach or any alleged breach of the Privacy Laws concerning information disclosed. 
    2. Please see the Tanzee Australia Privacy Policy for further details, available on its website at www.tanzee.com.au.
    3. This Privacy Policy may change without notice.


    1. Any transactions completed with Tanzee Australia are completed using SSL technology, which provides the high level encryption for online transactions.
    2. Your credit card information is not stored by Tanzee Australia, whatsoever. Any online payment is transacted via third party providers and subject to the terms and conditions imposed by those providers.


    1. Tanzee Australia reserves all rights in relation to intellectual property created and used by it on its website and in any documentation. Tanzee Australia has taken every measure to ensure that it has permission to use the intellectual property of others.  Any misuse of copyrighted material by Customers or users of any website or publication operated by Tanzee Australia is strictly prohibited.  Tanzee Australia reserves its rights in this regard.
    2. Any material prepared by Tanzee Australia, including, but not limited to, its website, is for your general use only. Tanzee Australia makes no warranties or guarantees as to the accuracy or suitability of the material provided whatsoever.  The Customer, or disseminator of the material does so at their own risk and agrees not to hold Tanzee Australia or its agents liable for any loss or damage suffered as a result.
    3. Terms and Conditions may be changed at any time without prior notice to its Customers. Notification will be sent to all Customers at the time of the Terms and Conditions alterations.
    4. Tanzee Australia shall be under no liability if it should be unable to carry out any provision of this agreement for any reason beyond its control. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of its website, the use of third party merchant facilities.
    5. Should funds not clear, or a transaction disputed with a provider or merchant, the product will not be sent.
    6. The Customer is agreeing fully to Tanzee Australia’s Terms and Conditions of Trade by electing to purchase products from Tanzee Australia.