Wholesale Pricing - Linda Cerny

Below is the Tanzee Wholesale Pricing. Your Wholesale Representative Linda Cerny will be available to answer any questions regarding your wholesale application and service enquiries after your wholesale status has been granted.

Please complete the Tanzee Wholesale Application to be granted access to this the wholesale pricing. Type Linda Cerny in the 'Referred by' field when completing your application.

TANZEE WHOLESALE PRICING (minimum order value is $500 to access wholesale pricing)

Tanzee Medium $30.00 AUD $59.99 AUD 100%
Tanzee Large $32.50 AUD $64.99 AUD 100%
Fairy Dust $12.50 AUD $24.99 AUD 100%
Tanuki Dusting Brush $10.00 AUD $19.99 AUD 100%
Pilowcases $20.00 AUD $39.99 AUD 100%
Tan Survival Kit Medium $52.49 AUD $104.97 AUD 100%
Tan Survival Kit Large $54.99 AUD $109.97 AUD 100%
Sleeping Beauty Bundle Medium $49.99 AUD $99.98 AUD 100%
Sleeping Beauty Bundle Large $52.49 AUD $104.98 AUD 100%
Tanning Besties Bundle Medium $104.97 AUD $209.94 AUD 100%
Tanning Besties Bundle Large $109.97 AUD $219.94 AUD 100%
Luxury Tanning Bundle Medium $72.48 AUD $144.96 AUD 100%
Luxury Tanning Bundle Large $74.98 AUD $149.96 AUD 100%
Fairy Dust & Tanuki Brush Bundle $22.49 AUD $44.98 AUD 100%


The prices listed above are in AUD, when you login to your wholesale account on the Tanzee website, your wholesale prices will be shown in your country's currency, but when processed at checkout they are converted to AUD.

Please note that Tanzee offers a 15% discount to customers purchasing bundles on it's public website, if you are matching this public bundle pricing your margin will be 85% on bundles.

Shipping costs for Standard Wholesale Pricing are as follows. Shipping is via DHL and can be delivered to most global regions within 5-12 business days (Depending on stock availability). Please note (1 x Tanzee = 300g, 1 x Fairy Dust = 100g).

1kg - 2kg $34.95 AUD
2kg - 5kg $49.95 AUD
5kg - 10kg $99.95 AUD
10kg - 20kg $199.95 AUD



All prices are subject to change based on global financial manufacturing costs.